We work with business owners and professionals who are looking for solutions and want to go from where they are to where they want to be.

Optimal Level® is a center for professional development which applies coaching, mentoring, and training for professionals to set goals, discuss challenges, and produce powerful results. Optimal Level members meet to share experiences, exchange ideas, contribute to others and realize their inner dreams. Our facilitated and focused peer advisory board meetings propel its members to improved performance and the achievement of their personal and professional goals at a very high level. Our individual coaching and consulting programs provide an extra boost toward building confidence, honing business skills, and designing creative solutions.

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So that we assure absolute confidentiality for our members during our group meetings and individual consulting sessions, and because we are 100% committed to our members’ goals, only members attend Optimal Level programs.  We would love to find out with you if you are a fit for Optimal Level.  One of the Optimal Level Principals will learn a little more about you, your career or business, and about your interest in becoming an Optimal Level member. We will meet with you and discuss your goals, dreams, frustrations, and challenges.  If you are a good fit for Optimal Level, we will then take steps to move you forward toward enrolling in one of our Optimal Level programs.  To arrange an appointment with us, send an email to Info@OptimalLevel.com or call (847) 419-9300.

Testimonial from Anne Phelan, Merrett Davies International

"Working with Linda through both her Aspire (1:1 coaching) and Apex (group coaching) programs was an excellent investment.
Meeting monthly with the wider group enabled me to connect with other like minded business owners and to feel part of a community. There was tremendous collective support for each other and with Linda’s inspired guidance everyone made significant leaps forward with their businesses and life in general. The 1:1 coaching allowed Linda to get into even greater detail with me about the strategy for my business and the action steps I needed to take to deliver on that strategy. Linda’s deep experience enabled her to provide laser focused insights that allowed me to move forward with so much more confidence and certainty than if I had tried to take those steps on my own.
There were three key outcomes from my work with Linda:
1. Linda taught me, and I implemented, key processes for my business growth
2. Linda showed me how to effectively prioritize my work week to focus on sales & marketing ( a particularly strong aspect of Linda’s coaching)
3. Perhaps most importantly, working with Linda helped me to generate my first 6 figure income
Linda genuinely cares about her clients and their success and she shows that in every conversation she has. I would definitely recommend working with Linda if you want to create and sustain a powerful business model."

Clients Who've Reached Their Optimal Level

Clients Who've Reached Their Optimal Level


Being Open to Ideas Leads to Success

Dear Linda,

I wanted to write you a quick letter saying thanks for everything you have done for me and my business through Optimal Level. I wanted to show you the following graph. I have removed the actual numbers, but the trends are crystal clear. By following the dates on the bottom, you can see that before Optimal level (April-November 2011), my business was barely breaking even on a monthly basis. I was getting frustrated and didn't know what to do.
Jamie Growth Graph

I started coming to Optimal Level meetings in November 2011 and magically things started to turn around. My collections started growing more and more each month. I attribute this to much of the marketing strategies that you helped me to put in place. I finally broke out of the red in April 2012, and haven't looked back. As my business continues to grow, I no longer feel frustrated and confused. I have utilized strategies that we discussed in meetings and feel much more confident when talking to potential clients. I have a marketing plan in place, and know that when I use it, it really does work!! Thank you so much for your support and everything that you have taught me over the past year!
Dr. Jamie Tripp,


While our meetings have an advisory focus, we also review excerpts from a business book, self-instructional book, current best non-fiction seller, etc. to gain insight into the business world, share issues that are relevant to your needs, learn something new, alter a point of view, or make you laugh. This month our selection is:

"The Power of Who, You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know"
by Bob Beaudine

More books about networking? Hasn’t it all been said? Not if you are ready to read revolutionary concepts about networking that throw out the more practiced theories about networking. If you have suspected that networking doesn’t work – this book is perfect for you! This book challenges many traditional networking ideas and will offer you a different plan that will help you succeed in business and life.
The Power of Who